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Environmental sustainability

With resource constraints and the challenges of climate change, how do future neighbourhoods need to adapt to ensure they remain sustainable and resilient? It’s the answer to this question that drives our thinking about sustainability in Central to Eveleigh.

This transformation could create a place that reflects the community’s active support for environmentally-friendly building design, green infrastructure and emissions reduction. Our planning can draw on great urban regeneration projects around the world and set a new benchmark for sustainable planning and design that genuinely improves the quality of our lives, as well as the quality of our environment.

That means we’ll look at designs that reduce car use, resident greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption to lower household costs from energy, water and transport. We’re currently looking at low and alternative car ownership and parking models to encourage residents to walk or cycle or to go by bus or train before choosing to drive; linking recycled water to public domain design and management; and setting the highest environmental standards for all new developments.

Our aim is to respond to economic, social and climatic changes in ways that benefit quality of life and the quality of the environment in future precinct planning – a place that harnesses new opportunities to enrich the community. This could see car use reduced by 90% compared to the Sydney average and all residents within a five minute walk of public open space.

Read more in the Urban Transformation Strategy.

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