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You have told us that the diversity of the community is one of the key things that gives the area its unique character and makes it a great place to live. We recognise the need for a holistic approach. The different precincts will feature a broad range of housing types, in places both public and private, that will support social diversity, attract workers for local businesses and help keep a strong sense of community.

We all know that housing choice and affordability are critical issues, particularly for people on low incomes, families, single people and students. The demand for housing will continue as Sydney grows. Transforming the largely underused government-owned land in the area gives us a unique opportunity to provide not only additional housing but, more importantly, an improved quality of housing for the whole community.

We want to broaden the supply and choice of homes and attractive public places that support social diversity and community connections. We could achieve this through increasing housing supply, supporting the renewal of social housing and providing a diversity of housing including a long-term target of 5-10% Affordable Housing.

We will work with the Greater Sydney Commission and the Department of Planning and Environment to look at innovative housing models that increase housing diversity in the area.

Read more in the Urban Transformation Strategy.

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