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The stories and history of an area are important to its character and the communities who live there. Central to Eveleigh will celebrate its rich diversity to create great places, each with a unique character that is shared, enjoyed and celebrated by the community. The stories of the past can be seen in the buildings, streets and places that reflect the social movements of the last century.

Central to Eveleigh is highly significant for its Aboriginal heritage, and this history is important, complex and interwoven with European heritage. Redfern is particularly significant to the local Aboriginal community and we need to reflect Aboriginal stories and history in the area, from the ancient to the contemporary, to create an enduring presence. There is also a significant amount of industrial and railway heritage, including the Eveleigh Railway Workshops, heritage buildings such as the Chief Mechanical Engineers Office, Central Station and Redfern Station.

This heritage extends beyond the rail yards to influence the style of houses, as well as the diverse cultural mix of the area. Heritage will be central to the future character of the area and our ambition to recognise Aboriginal heritage, enhance the setting of heritage buildings and nominate appropriate public uses of these buildings.

Read more in the Urban Transformation Strategy.

History of the place

Eveleigh Stories

Modern approaches to heritage interpretation will also bring the area’s history to life. We have started this approach through Eveleigh Stories, a unique and innovative application that tells the history of this place online. We invite you to add your stories.

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