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Community facilities

Any new neighbourhood needs additional and improved local infrastructure to support its growing population. We think community facilities should be co-located near areas of community activity to contribute to busy and safe public spaces. Infrastructure, like community centres, schools and health services, need to be distributed through the area to be more accessible to everyone, encourage healthy living, and offer great opportunities for people to meet and interact.

Working with government service providers like NSW Health and the Department of Education, we’ve used population scenarios with low, medium and high ranges to test and model what existing services can accommodate and where additional services may be needed. We’ll continue this testing during future detailed masterplanning for specific precincts of government-owned land. A new multi-level secondary school is planned for the corner of Chalmers and Elizabeth Street and we also need to plan for additional social infrastructure, including community facilities, health facilities and childcare centres.

Part of achieving this is an ambition to allow everyone access to community facilities and services for community wellbeing, integration and placemaking. This could see community facilities co-located near areas of community activity to support and activate public places

Read more in the Urban Transformation Strategy.

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