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Sustainability opportunities for Central to Eveleigh

22 March 2016

Improving sustainability outcomes, particularly creating green and liveable neighbourhoods, is a key aim of the Central to Eveleigh Urban Transformation and Transport Program.

The study found that Central to Eveleigh, as it is being planned, has the potential to achieve significantly better sustainability outcomes than Sydney-wide averages across car use, access to green space, water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and urban heat islands. This includes a reduction in household car dependency of more than 90%, and 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared with the Sydney average.

The focus on creating greener inner city neighbourhoods and streets could also help to create a cooler local environment: well-managed, lush tree canopies that can reduce the land surface temperature by up to 15 degrees on a 35 degree day.

The Kinesis study also identified other aspirational trends that can be considered in the future such as high performance buildings with high energy ratings, integrated water recycling and car share schemes.

The initial findings and methodology were presented in September 2015 as part of a study night open to the community. The final report is now available here.

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