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Surveying work in South Eveleigh

17 February 2016

South Eveleigh is one of the seven precincts that form the Central to Eveleigh Urban Transformation and Transport Program. In the future, this area has the potential to be mainly residential centred around a revitalised park, new community facilities and neighbourhood scale shops. There could be walkable and rideable green streets with excellent connections to the surrounding neighbourhoods alongside a diversity of housing including social and affordable housing.

While we are finalising an urban transformation strategy for the whole corridor to establish the vision and design principles for the broader area, we also need to make sure we understand the South Eveleigh precinct site to inform our future planning.

You might see surveyors inspecting the local area undertaking assessments of local trees, ground conditions, archaeology, underground utilities and noise and vibration levels. Their work will include inspections, the use of monitoring equipment and they may be lifting covers and digging at agreed locations. Most of this work will be carried out from February to April 2016 but noise and vibration assessment will be ongoing.
If you have any questions about these assessments, please contact the Central to Eveleigh team on 1800 756 953, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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