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Social facilities, heritage and housing diversity study nights

8 May 2015

The next consultation phase of Central to Eveleigh Urban Transformation and Transport Program is underway with local residents invited to discuss the methodology and initial findings of a number of studies. When complete, these will inform an urban transformation strategy for the area.

At the first study night on social facilities, the project team received feedback on the need for clear definitions and information about projected growth, as well as the importance of access and use of public green space. On the second study night there was a great discussion about what broad heritage principles we should consider including in the broader strategy for the area.

The last study night focussed on current issues related to housing affordability and diversity in the Sydney local government area, the value of housing diversity to the social and economic success of global cities and a discussion about practical initiatives that could be implemented by UrbanGrowth NSW in the short and medium term.

Download the introductory presentation and the information sheets from the three study nights from the document library.

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