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30 June 2016

Alexandria Park Community School Upgrade

The Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli recently announced a major upgrade at Alexandria Park Community School to more than double the capacity of the school. This upgrade will provide flexible, future focused learning spaces for primary and secondary school students moving into the Alexandria/Redfern/Waterloo/Green Square area.

This major investment will:

  • Deliver a multi-storey school to cater for a total of up to 2,200 primary and secondary students on the eastern campus of the Alexandria Park Community School by 2022
  • Provide more than 1,200 additional student places at Alexandria Park Community School in the Alexandria, Redfern, Waterloo and Green Square area and by 2022
  • Upgrade the western campus of Alexandria Park Community School to house the relocated Cleveland Street Intensive English High School by 2018

The new school will greatly assist with meeting the increasing demand for primary school and high school spaces in Green Square and the Central to Eveleigh Urban Transformation and Transport Program. The new school design will focus on the needs of learners and learning, build community and identity and create a culture of welcome, inclusion and belonging, be aesthetically pleasing and provide contemporary, sustainable learning environments. The new facilities will incorporate future focussed, flexible teaching spaces with adaptable/moveable furniture and room configurations. The learning spaces will be technology rich to serve multiple learning contexts from large class groups to small clusters, providing superior opportunities for collaboration and personalised learning.

The new Alexandria Park Community School will provide a full range of specialist learning spaces for science, visual arts, performance, fitness and material technology (woodwork, metalwork, food technology) as well as general learning spaces for the primary and secondary students. The school will include a library, hall and gymnasium, administration, student and staff facilities, canteen, covered outdoor learning areas, games courts and a playing field.

The design concepts will offer:

  • Facilities that are readily accessible and flexible to meet the demands of an evolving curriculum in line with future focussed leaning principles
  • Flexible and well connected teaching and learning spaces that enable a variety of teaching and learning practices
  • Engaging and supportive spaces for students and teachers
  • Technology rich settings with an emphasis on mobility and flexibility
  • Capacity to support comprehensive curriculum delivery with a full range of specialist teaching spaces
  • A healthy and environmentally sustainable environment
  • Innovative connected outdoor spaces that enable play and collaborative learning

The upgrade works will also incorporate principles of energy efficiency and ecologically sustainable development including passive and natural ventilation, where possible, thermal performance and comfort, natural lighting and water recycling management.

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