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Program update

22 March 2016

Sydney is facing the same challenge as other world cities that compete for global services and products – one where the demand for well located homes and access to jobs is growing by the day. We need to meet this challenge by taking a long-term view and using great city thinking to create a smart city that is liveable, efficient and supports the trend towards lower car use.

As a first step, we are tackling this challenge by integrating transport with urban renewal. It does mean more homes and apartment buildings in places close to public transport and that are within walking and cycling distance to key destinations. This is only to the extent that good design and planning can support great places to live and work, places that are busy but enjoyable, offer a wider range of housing, and are supported by community facilities, green networks and new public spaces.

We are also continuing consultation on our plans for the first precinct, North Eveleigh, as an example of how we are approaching this level of design and planning along the corridor.

A key precinct identified in the strategy is the Waterloo Estate precinct, covering around 16 hectares of the Estate. Recently announced by the NSW Government, it may be the largest project of its kind ever contemplated in Australia. It combines the complete renewal of all social housing stock, a deliberate strategy to include Affordable Housing, innovation to include more flexible and diverse housing types (targeted at moderate income families) and standard market housing. The end result will be a diverse and sustainable local community.
We have a lot of planning to do in partnership with the project managers, the Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS), who are leading discussions with tenants about their relocation, as well as Transport for NSW who will design and construct the new Sydney Metro station. This process will take about 18 months, and we want to involve the community early. While we don’t have all the answers, together we’ll be keeping everyone informed about the process each step of the way.

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