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Program update

24 June 2016

Sydney faces the same challenges as major global cities in terms of land availability in key locations, but we need to address this challenge with a Sydney based solution

This is part of a global conversation, population growth, climate change and urbanization are all major global challenges and the world-wide shift to living in cities and jobs growth in the knowledge economy. Our population is set to double over the next 40 years, it’s no longer an option to only accommodate growth in new outer suburbs.

Our next step is to finalise the draft Urban Transformation Strategy, it will be a blueprint for future detailed urban planning across three broad program areas of a future grand Central Station led by Transport for NSW, Redfern Station and Eveleigh and the Waterloo Estate precinct for the Department of Family and Community Services. Planning on this scale can only be successful when all levels of government work together and ensure these areas are connected and consider transport, education, community and health facilities.

Getting to this stage has taken longer than we expected, but we feel it’s important to ensure infrastructure planning is well considered and that we have developed implementation plans for community facilities, housing diversity, heritage and arts as well as open space. The draft Strategy will go on public display later in the year giving the community an opportunity to provide comment before we finalise the Strategy.

Our role at UrbanGrowth NSW is to coordinate across all levels of government, consult with the community and put together a proposal to government to create great liveable neighbourhoods that meets Sydney’s needs. It needs a Sydney solution and our ambition for Central to Eveleigh, developed with the community, is connecting Sydney’s diverse and vibrant communities, strengthening the global city and making a great place to live. We’re planning for a diversity of new homes, public spaces with a variety of activities that a diverse range of people can enjoy and facilities for the community that can bring people together.

This would see places with a mix of businesses and homes including affordable housing, community hearts with adaptively re-used heritage buildings and new parks, cultural opportunities and more shared spaces for all to enjoy. The distances between work and home, services and recreation, education and learning will be shorter and accessible on foot. In the new Sydney owning a car will be a luxury and not a necessity. Planned well, we can create more sustainable neighbourhoods with lower carbon footprints, that encourage healthier lifestyles with more walking and cycling and reduce transport and utility costs.

Already home to a diverse community of around 52,000 people, our initial thinking could see new homes for around another 26,000 residents, or around 13,000 homes, alongside new facilities and green space. It’s a complex project and we’ve involved multiple government agencies and multiple communities to try and deliver the most balanced outcomes.

If you have any questions get in touch with our team by emailing or call 1800 756 953. We really look forward to working with you in the coming months and sign up for regular updates through the project website

On a final note, June was my last month with UGNSW after a period of almost 2 ½ years leading the Central to Eveleigh project. It’s been a pleasure to have you involved in the project to date and I encourage you to keep being involved and having your say.

I’m pleased to let you know that Matt White will be taking my place as Program Director for the Central to Eveleigh program. Matt has extensive experience in leading Government urban renewal projects, and was most recently the Project Leader for the Parramatta Road Urban Transformation project. You’ll have the opportunity to meet Matt at future consultation events and he will further introduce himself in the next Central to Eveleigh e-newsletter.

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