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Meet the team - Duncan Read

3 November 2016

Duncan Read, A/Program Director

I’ve been closely connected to this area since 2013, when I was appointed as the General Manager for the Australian Technology Park.

I quickly came to appreciate the passion and diversity of the people who live and work here. I have made some strong connections already, and I’m looking forward to making more, and listening to the positive changes they would like to see in the area.

The development of ATP, the growth of an arts and cultural precinct at Carriageworks and the announcement of a new Metro station at Waterloo are big changes that provide incredible opportunities.

However, I know that it is not just large projects that matter. Having led teams that developed and advised on strategies for technology parks, university precincts, residential developments and major projects in the UK, Australia, Africa and the Middle East, I have seen how small community-led partnerships and initiatives can be just as meaningful. The alignment of my new roles as Program Director for the Redfern-Eveleigh precinct and General Manager of UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation provides an opportunity to make this happen. I hope my experience, and my understanding of the people, places, activities and investments that make great cities will help Government find the best ways to shape this part of Sydney.

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