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Meet the team - Cynthia Herkrath

22 March 2016

I have been part of the Central to Eveleigh Program team for over two years and as we progress with the planning process I’ll be focusing on the masterplanning for the Waterloo Estate precinct.

I’m passionate about cities and public spaces. At any opportunity I’ll find myself travelling to a different corner of the Earth exploring how cities are reinventing themselves as the world becomes more and more urbanised. My favourite cities and are those that are vibrant, walkable, safe and diverse.

I have a background in science and architectural technology and a masters degree in planning and urban design. My academic research focused on how new neighbourhoods and new urban parks can be better integrated with existing green/natural landscapes. I’m excited about addressing this challenge in Waterloo. While the built environment within the precinct is in urgent need of renewal, the quality of the green environment in some areas offers a unique opportunity for the creation of fantastic new public parks with existing mature trees.

I have been involved in the renewal of social housing estates in the south west of Sydney and the development of group homes tailored for people with disabilities across the state, allowing more choice and flexibility about how people can live their lives. As part of my work on the program I have coordinated extensive research and collaboration with a variety of stakeholders such as Council and community housing providers to identify innovative methods for increasing housing diversity and affordability. I would love to see those initiatives implemented across the area as we move into the delivery phase of our project.
I hope that my experience, passion and dedication can make a real difference to this great part of the city.

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