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Local heritage

13 April 2015

While heritage assets are a major consideration for the planning of the area, the condition of important heritage buildings has recently come to light, thanks to the persistence and dedication of a number of local community members.

The Chief Mechanical Engineer’s Office (CME) on Wilson Street, North Eveleigh, forms part of the heritage listed Eveleigh Railway Workshops. The building, due to its significance, has its own listing on the State Register. While there are a number of heritage buildings close by, we are focusing on CME due to its heritage significance. We continue to investigate other heritage buildings and assets as part of our planning for the area.

A project manager, Otto Cserhalmi and Partners (OCP), has been appointed to advise on the appropriate method to restore the CME and we continue to liaise with the NSW Heritage Office regarding works to the building.

Over the coming weeks you may notice specialist consultants and contractors at the building as potential work is investigated. We anticipate restoration works to start mid- 2015.

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