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Early consultation

30 January 2015

We recognise that community and stakeholder engagement is critical to The Programs success. A number of consultation activities have been undertaken to support the development of an urban transformation strategy to shape the future of the corridor. Activities have included:

  • Three workshops to seek initial comment from industry, the community and non government stakeholders to understand the opportunities, constraints and key issues in the corridor. (November 2013: Report Available). 
  • Five focus groups, and submissions through our web site, on key development issues set out in a draft concept plan. This helped us identify key themes and provided context to specific precincts in the area (June 2014: Report Available). 
  • Participation as an innovation partner in the initial SOUP innovation program on affordable housing young people in collaboration with the Committee for Sydney (July/August 2014).
  • Follow up meetings with local resident action groups and the wider community on targeted development issues. (August/September 2014)
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