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Community facilities

22 March 2016

A community infrastructure and social issues review has recently been completed and is informing the Urban Transformation Strategy.

The report was commissioned to understand the profile of existing and potential communities, including social characteristics, community infrastructure needs, and potential social impacts and opportunities associated with the renewal of the Central to Eveleigh area.

It reinforced how the existing community is uniquely diverse and includes people from high and low income groups, vulnerable groups and groups with specific needs including social housing tenants, older residents, families with young children, Indigenous people, and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Future households are likely to include high numbers of young couples and singles, young families, and some older people looking to downsize and remain living in the area. Many residents are also likely to be from culturally diverse backgrounds, and working in professional roles.

The study has informed the Urban Transformation Strategy with the desired number of new child care centres, community facilities, health services and open space required to service the future growing population.

Read the review here.

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