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Central to Eveleigh goes to school

16 August 2015

The Central to Eveleigh Urban Transformation project team visited the Alexandria Park Community School to discuss the transformation of the rail corridor with high school students.

Close to 60 students participated in the two-hour workshop at the school.

“Given the transformation will be a 20 to 30 year project, we want to make sure that we hear from young people in the area who, after all, will be the long term beneficiaries, so we were delighted we could talk to the students,” said Central to Eveleigh Program Director, Troy Daly.

“The workshop was an amazing opportunity to hear the voices of local young people, and explore what they think about the future of where they live.

“Common themes were calls for free wifi, renewable energy including solar panels and wind turbines, more affordable housing, green roofs as well as rooftop parks, cafes and sporting facilities, vertical gardens, and more festival and markets.

“The students also called for more school workshops to keep students involved in the process.”

In addition to the workshop, UrbanGrowth NSW is working closely with the school to develop a unit of learning linked to the Year 10 Geography syllabus. This will involve ‘experts’ from the project team meeting with students and providing site visits so students can refer to Central to Eveleigh as a case-study.

Alexandria Park Community School is a comprehensive K-12 school located in the heart of the Central to Eveleigh Study Area. It is located near the Australian Technology Park, a short walk from Redfern Station.

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