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There is an opportunity to demonstrate great public outcomes in this area of Sydney led by new and more social housing on the Waterloo Estate.

The new Sydney Metro station will be the centre-piece of the transformation. Not only will it improve transport and travel to and from the area, but the infrastructure investment can help to improve the whole area. The Waterloo Metro station will be built underground between Botany Road and Cope Street, south of Raglan Street.

The key consideration will be the redevelopment of the Waterloo Estate. This will be planned with the community to retain a diverse and vibrant community into the future and ensure more homes for people who need them. The Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS) will renew all existing housing and build more social housing to meet people’s needs, alongside affordable and private housing.

Government agencies will work together to ensure there are new parks that bring the diverse community together, community facilities and more job options.

UrbanGrowth NSW is supporting the land owners, the Land and Housing Corporation, to develop a precinct masterplan for the government-owned land between Phillip and McEvoy Streets to the north and south, and Pitt and Cope Streets to the east and west.

The transformation will not happen overnight – it will be staged gradually over 15 to 20 years. This could lead to around 5,000 additional homes on the site alongside new and more social housing to replace the 2,000 (approx.) existing social housing dwellings (total 7,000). We will align our planning with the site of the new Sydney Metro Station.

It’s early days, with ongoing community consultation being planned by Family and Community Services. All of the feedback received from previous planning in the area (BEP2) and the key issues of safety, better open spaces, more accessible services and facilities, affordable housing, more local businesses, great design and a diverse community will be informing the more detailed precinct masterplanning.

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The transformation of the Waterloo Precinct could:

  • provide new and more social housing in the area alongside affordable and private housing

  • provide greater housing diversity and housing supply in a great location

  • enhance public areas and activate ground floor uses, increasing safety and surveillance

  • integrate planning with development of the new Sydney Metro

Masterplanning will also be coordinated and aligned with the development of the new Sydney Metro station that will be built underground between Botany Road, Wellington Street, Cope Street and Raglan Street. 


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If you are a resident of the Waterloo Housing Estate and have questions about your tenancy or relocation, visit Waterloo Connect at 95 Wellington Street, Waterloo, Monday to Friday, 10.00am to 4.00pm or email

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