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The Area

Central to Eveleigh sits at the heart of Sydney’s inner city. We are considering five precincts, each with a unique character – diverse places that already attract visitors and where many people live and work.

These precincts can be described broadly within three geographic clusters: a Grand Central Station (Central Station precinct), the Redfern to Eveleigh Rail Corridor (North Eveleigh, South Eveleigh and Redfern Station precincts) and Waterloo (Waterloo Estate precinct).

Each precinct will be subject to more detailed planning that focuses on each area's character, potential and challenges and the future Urban Transformation Strategy will help guide this planning.Each precinct will have:

  • a clear aim that balances the constraints and future opportunities of each precinct 
  • a plan that reflects the ambition and vision of the Urban Transformation Strategy

We have already undertaken significant community consultation on the North Eveleigh precinct in the Redfern to Eveleigh Corridor, using this as an exemplar of the planning process and urban transformation outcomes that can be achieved.


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Redfern Station

Central Station

North Eveleigh

South Eveleigh