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Redfern Station

Redfern Station Redfern Station could form the core of this vibrant precinct. It could become more than just a station - it could be a place to meet, a place to stay, a place to enjoy. A new, user-friendly station precinct could also have the potential to showcase high quality public spaces for entertainment and cultural expression.

Movement around the station could also be improved by an open concourse across the rail lines, which would make life a lot easier for residents and for students heading to and from The University of Sydney, Carriageworks and Australian Technology Park. Space for new business premises, with a focus on innovation and creative industries, from start-ups to global businesses, could form a growing economic development area for Sydney.

The area has the potential to support the future aspirations of key local institutions including The University of Sydney, Carriageworks and Australian Technology Park.

The renewal of Redfern Station is subject to approval and funding availability.

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Preliminary investigation - we are here


Develop vision and assess opportunities and constraints


Masterplan developed


Statutory exhibition of masterplan


Masterplan adopted

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