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North Eveleigh

People living in the mainly residential precinct of North Eveleigh would enjoy easy, close access to cultural, education and work-related activities. The transformation could spur innovative new ways to re-imagine significant historic buildings, creating a distinct character and providing space for local shops and community facilities.

The precinct could be a sociable, enjoyable place, with a new public park and many features that build on the area’s strong local arts, culture and history.

North Eveleigh will be the first precinct developed. We are proposing a mix of apartments and historic buildings, with taller buildings (proposed up to 20 storeys) located next to the rail corridor. Lower buildings would be located closer to surrounding terrace housing to reduce the impact on the character of the existing neighbourhood.

Precinct masterplanning has already commenced and 88 affordable housing properties have already been delivered. A formal planning proposal is intended to be lodged in 2016/17 that will lead to a statutory exhibition coordinated by the Department of Planning and Environment.

Jobs and housing scenarios


Short/medium term
600 - 700
^excluding 88 affordable housing apartments already constructed


Short/medium term
100 - 200
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The transformation of the North Eveleigh precincts could:

  • activate Wilson Street

  • create new and enhanced green active transport links

  • provide opportunity for local retail to feature throughout the precinct, with the locations to be determined in future precinct planning

  • reinvigorate the Clothing Store building with community uses

  • create significant new public open space


New local park

New local park

a 4,650m² public park and a new pocket park 

Refurbished heritage building adapted for community/cultural use

Refurbished heritage building adapted for community/cultural use

The area’s unique culture and heritage will be brought to life, in beautifully restored, older buildings that will attract visitors to an exciting, revitalised arts and cultural hub that also emphasises the area’s Aboriginal history.

600-700 new apartments providing a diversity of housing types

600-700 new apartments providing a diversity of housing types

There is an opportunity to deliver more housing suited to the future community, including singles, couples, families and people who wish to stay in their local area as they age.

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Stages timeline


Preliminary investigation


Develop vision and assess opportunities and constraints


Masterplan developed – we are here


Statutory exhibition of masterplan


Masterplan adopted

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