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Urban Transformation and Transport Program

A story of transformation in the heart of Sydney

The Sydney of the future is taking shape in Central to Eveleigh.  It will be an area  of smaller homes, shared spaces and bigger lifestyles, of mixed businesses and communities, heritage buildings and new development, of local living connected to cultural opportunities near and far,  an area of short distances between work and home, services and recreation, education and learning. 

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Our story

Sydney is growing - our population will more or less double over the next 40 years - so it’s important to plan for this growth in a sustainable way. Road congestion and travel times to work are increasing and at the same time, half of us aren’t getting the physical activity we need. The overall cost of living is high and our average environmental footprint is unnecessarily high.

Part of a smart solution is to deliver more homes and more diverse housing options close to public transport and job opportunities all over Sydney. It’s about smart city thinking for good community outcomes. It means change, and our challenge is to plan for a great place to live. We also need to provide parks and, community, cultural and retail services, well connected streets and walkways that make it easy and safe to walk everywhere. Innovative housing solutions and a new approach to social housing delivery will see a mix of private and public housing, bringing a wider range of people and greater opportunities to existing  areas.

Central to Eveleigh timeframe

Our key role

UrbanGrowth NSW has a key role in this exciting transformation, looking at how underused government-owned land in and around the Central to Eveleigh rail corridor can help meet the challenges facing Sydney. There are also opportunities, to plan for diverse communities, to build on the area’s current strengths, recognising its rich history and heritage, to create some of the most liveable neighbourhoods in the world.

We are setting out to create places where car dependency is lower and parks, local services and train stations are within walking distance.

Shaping the neighbourhood

This area is a vibrant part of our city, founded in a rich history, and we can draw on the area’s strengths in our approach to planning great neighbourhoods. 

Density and great design

In the future, the area will inevitably be different to how it looks today. There will be new homes and work places, and that means more medium and high rise apartments and commercial buildings. Learn more.


Jobs and economic development

In the future could become a dynamic and popular place to work, connecting many types of businesses. Learn more.


The stories and history of an area are important to its character and the communities who live there. Learn more.

Community facilities

Any new neighbourhood needs additional and improved local infrastructure to support its growing population. We think community facilities should be co-located near areas of community activity to contribute to busy and safe public spaces. Learn more.

Art and culture

Central to Eveleigh could become a cultural destination that’s recognised and admired around the world. Learn more.

Open space

From green roofs and green walls, small and large local parks and public plazas, to town squares and expanded bike lanes, open spaces of many forms will be essential to every neighbourhood. Learn more.


With resource constraints and the challenges of climate change, how do future neighbourhoods need to adapt to ensure they remain sustainable and resilient? Learn more.


New neighbourhoods need additional and improved local infrastructure to support a growing population. Learn more.


Central to Eveleigh is well served with four heavy rail stations and a bus network that provides good north-south connections, and we can improve the connectivity between these services and make it easier to move about the area. Learn more.

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